Minorca Rules and Regulations

Minorca owners, guests, and lessees are required to observe the established rules and regulations of the Minorca Property Association (MPOA), the Dunes at Minorca Association, the Hammocks at Minorca Association, the Palms at Minorca Association, and the Easement Alliance.  Owners should have a printed copy of the Community Rules and Regulations Handbook for the MPOA and the other associations to which they belong.  Minorca owners are responsible for ensuring that their guests and lessees are provided with these rules and regulations and are in compliance with them.  The complete handbook may be accessed by clicking on this link: MINORCA RULES AND REGULATIONS EFFECTIVE 01-01-2016

For your convenience, rules of particular interest have been published below.

Renting Condominium Units

Owners of Minorca condominiums may rent their units.  The minimum rental period for a condominium is 30 days.  A copy of the fully executed and signed lease must be furnished to the Minorca Property Manager in advance of the beginning of the rental period. Refer to page 25 in the attached Rules and Regulations document. MINORCA RULES AND REGULATIONS EFFECTIVE 01-01-2016

Owners must accompany their guests when MPOA facilities (Casino Clubhouse, Beach Pavilion, River Pavilion, Community Pool, Tennis Center and Tennis Courts) are being used.  Further, owners are responsible for ensuring that their guests know and observe the applicable rules and regulations found in the Minorca Community Rules and Regulations.

When condominiums are rented, Minorca owners relinquish all rights to use all Minorca facilities and amenities during the term of the lease.

 Moving and Large Deliveries

Moving and large deliveries must be arranged in advance through the Minorca Office, (386) 427-7510.  Only one elevator in each condominium building can be reserved for use by movers or delivery personnel.  In order to avoid damage to the interiors of elevators, pads are required to be hung by the staff before moving or larger delivery use begins.

Moving and delivery trucks are only allowed to back up to the outside of the garage doors when they are loading and unloading.  Movers and delivery personnel must transport articles through the garage to the back doors of the lobby and only use the padded elevator cab.

All moving vans and delivery trucks must not block accessibility to the entrance of the building.  Parking is not permitted on the pavers in front of buildings.  All furnishings must be taken into the building through the ground floor parking level to the lobby and not through the front doors. Refer to pages 24-25 in the attached Rules and Regulations document.  MINORCA RULES AND REGULATIONS EFFECTIVE 01-01-2016


A maximum of two household pets with a combined weight of not more than 80 pounds at maturity may be kept by a Minorca unit owner or occupant.  Pets must be inside of the condominium unit or on a leash when outside.  Refer to pages 8 and 9 in the attached Rules and Regulations document.  MINORCA RULES AND REGULATIONS EFFECTIVE 01-01-2016

Last Updated 02.18.2017