GateKey is an internet based resident and guest management system which was installed at the guard house in June of 2010.  At this time a number of unit owners are using GateKey and find it very easy and helpful.

GateKey will enable you to maintain your current information and register your guests so that they may be given a pass from the Security staff when they arrive.  You may also list permanent guests such as family members who have access to your unit and any other persons who you want to provide permanent access, i.e. cleaning persons, etc.

For those unit owners who do not have a computer, you may continue to call the office or guardhouse to alert the staff of your arriving guests.  Using GateKey will improve our service to you.

Attached below you will find a Resident Manual (User Guide) to help you access GateKey.  Your primary phone number and password was sent to you in our mailing, however, if you do not have this information please contact Cheryl at:

If you are not already using GateKey please give it a try, you will see how much more efficient this service is to you!  If you need help in setting up your information or editing anything contact Cheryl and she will walk you through the process and get you on your way to enjoying the benefits of GateKey.

GateKey Login
GateKey Resident Manual 2014

Last updated 2.02.2017